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Become part of a global network of companies, researchers, and practitioners on a quest to thrive in the midst of change and disruption through greater agility.

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Become an Enabling Company member.

Join forces with the Business Agility Institute to bring
the research, stories, and network of BAI to serve your customers. 
Options to get involved are listed below.  Or contact us to
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BAI Library Subscription

Gain access for all of your employees and
customers to a curated world-class repository
of case studies, stories, references, practical
guides, and the latest research on business agility.

Publication Sponsorship

Sponsor a co-branded research paper on a topic of interest to you, your customers, and our community.  Or consider collaborating with one of your customers to showcase their business agility story in a case study.

Global Conference Sponsorship

Sponsor the Global Business Agility Conference in New York City to showcase your company.  Have a creative idea to disrupt conventional approaches to conference sponsorship?  Let's talk!

Regional Event Sponsorship

Go local!  Connect with your local business agility community by sponsoring a Business Agility Meetup, Chapter, or Regional Event.  We'll connect you with our local leaders who are ready to showcase your company in the local business agility community.

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