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Baby Walruses, Icebergs, & Large Scale Retrospectives have Everything to do with Successful Business

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Baby Walruses, Icebergs, & Large Scale Retrospectives have Everything to do with Successful Business

April 21, 2021


Kim Poremski & John Mulligan will tell their story about how they have extended and modified the basic retrospective process to access buried institutional knowledge, measure alignment and to plot (and periodically adjust) the optimal path to Enterprise Agility.

The Story...

  • What is a Large Scale Retrospective (LSR)?
  • Why does your organization need them to chart a path to Enterprise Agility? - How to effectively plan, execute, and facilitate a LSR
  • Examples from the Field
  • Activity - Experience one powerful framework we love using for LSRs - Learn about the frameworks that make LSR data actionable
  • How to take action (and when not to)

The Learning…

  • How to use the SAFe Collaborate tool for more than just SAFe training
  • Large Scale Retrospectives are an effective Inspect & Adapt tool for driving change at scale
  • It’s counter-intuitive but periodically talking to hundreds of people or teams actually accelerates positive change
  • LSRs reveal critical information almost impossible to obtain any other way

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