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Current Disaster Needs Bold, Gutsy Mindsets. Start Here

Sally Arnold

Current Disaster Needs Bold, Gutsy Mindsets. Start Here | Sally Arnold

April 15, 2021


At present we are living in a world that many would never have imagined. Which needs new innovative deep thinking to survive and prosper personally and professionally. The first place we need to start with is our Mindset. Our Inner intelligence must be educated, old stories challenged complete with a new operating system that allows us to continue our life with a reinvigorated Vision and Direction. Life will always send a curve ball in our direction.

But present circumstances are not going away and we must be Bold, Brave and Tune our Mindset, expertise into ways, methods, tools, thinking to create a personal and professional life that fulfills. Gives Hope, Purpose and growth in all that we embody. In this talk Sally will open thinking to these essential areas for growth in Uncertain times: 1 Mindset: how our old mind has been working and how to engage with the plasticity of our Brain. 2 Stories How to create new stories and not be bound to our old story and way of operating. 3 Action and moving forward. A new path, Vision has to start. How to begin.

About Sally Arnold

Director, Author @ Creating Encores - Melbourne, Australia​

Sally Arnold has lived her life with massive Change. And has expertly leveraged those tough times into global success, where she guides many out of Disasters, Stuckness, Stress and more into creative outcomes.

From a brilliant career as a Flautist which was stopped due to hearing challenges . She then followed a passion for food, creating a gourmet homewares store. Later, returned to the Arts world to Head The Australian Ballet Business Development Team.

At the same time her personal life was challenged with her husband's financial loss, leading to his death from cancer. She picked up her life again determined to start again and survive solo. She trained as a psychotherapist in Australia and the USA. Returning to set up Creating Encores, the "Wake up call for Leaders". She has written a book , spoken globally on this topic, The necessity of a Bold, Brave Mindset To survive Personal and Professional challenges. Sally uses the power of psychotherapy combined with creativity to coach clients, organizations out of Tough places into New Paths, and Financial success. Well-being essentials for Today's world.

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