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Extreme Hiring for Agile Teams

Extreme Hiring for Agile Teams | Leon Sabarsky

Leon Sabarsky

April 14, 2021


Hiring an Agile team has its own set of unique challenges.

An important part of creating a high performing Agile team is the hiring process for team members. An underperforming or disruptive Agile team member can quickly reduce productivity and team harmony. Hiring managers need to interview Agile team members differently than typical personnel hires. Typical one-on-one interviews are no longer adequate to identify high performing Agile team members. In order to ensure that you identify and hire high performing Agile team members, you need to leverage a group interview process. This means real-life simulations with a team versus asking questions one-on-one. 

This session will explain how to leverage effective Group Interviews to rapidly assess the attributes of Agile team candidates:

  1. How to organize Agile team group interviews
  2. How to select group interview candidates
  3. How to structure the group interview
  4. How to orchestrate the group interview
  5. How to assess the candidates post-group interview

And the successes and lessons learned from my experience in performing Agile team group interviews.


Leon Sabarsky

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