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Organic Intelligent Design: Self-Management & Self-Organization

How does it emerge?

Organic Intelligent Design: Self-Management & Self-Organization | Timm Urschinger

Timm Urschinger

April 20, 2021


Learnings from the self-organizing world - what works & what doesn’t!

For the past 5 years we have been working completely self-organized, without bosses and org charts and even self-defined salaries. Over time we have learned what works for us and what doesn't - and we have seen patterns and extracted structural learnings from it.

How can you create a structure to create a learning organization that always adjusts to the environment itself and what does it need to create a purpose and an identity for your organization if it always adapts? What does it mean for me as an owner and a leader? What does leadership need to look like in such a setup? How can we make our ambitious thoughts from our Culture Book and the nice values on the wall stick? How can we live up to these every day without becoming dogmatic and missionary? How can we bring together individuals needs with the needs and demands of "it" – the organization?

These are some of the questions we asked ourselves and where we think you can learn from to make a transfer into your own organization. Our focus will be on hands-on, tangible things one can change in the every day operation, not a theoretical lecture.

About Timm Urschinger

Partner & Co-Founder @ LIVEsciences

Photo of Timm UrschingerTimm is the co-founder of LIVEsciences, a radically self-organized company, that walks the talk. This move was inspired by his experiences working on change programmes, Organizational Design and Execution and consultancy for big corporations such as Roche Pharma, among others.

As Agility have become mainstream, Timm and the team at LIVEsciences are on a mission to unleash the potential of people through Self-Organization and New Ways of Working.

Timm is also the co-founder of LIVEventures, a venture capital firm investing in the Medical Devices Industry – unleashing the potential of people in another way.

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